Thursday, 16 August 2007

I can do it!

With this new blog my new life is starting. It's true that I have been here in Denmark for a while, that I moved to my new place more than one month ago, that I already had some danish lessons... But now that I started my own blog, my own pictures gallery it feels more like I am living my own life.
I want to thank all the friends that helped me in the process, some of them helped even without knowing they were doing so.
So.. what now?
I am installed in my place in the centrum of Århus.. I love this apartment! I am still working in Kamstrup, and I'm really happy with that :) And I'm learning danish to be able to understand people around me. In my free time... I go to the marked on saturdays, I cook and enjoy my kitchen, I read, I meet my friends... just a normal and not stressed life! I was looking forward to that! hehe

Now there is a friend from Barcelona here with me. She leaves tomorrow :( I haven't been that happy and enjoying life for a long time! Laughing together, drinking together, talking about everything, and also being together in some bad moments we've been through... Merci per ser-hi!!!
She leaves tomorrow... but my cousin and aunt are coming on sunday for 5 days, and then I'll have my mum visiting on september and also two friends from manresa (spain)... so I won't be bored! It's so nice to have people visiting you!

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