Wednesday, 31 October 2007

and x-mas starts... in two days!

Last year, when I discovered this crazy day called J-dag I got a shock... how can christmas start the first friday of november? But this second year... I've been waiting for it! The crazy day is a biiiig party!

Are you doing something special? I'll be in Harrys Kælder... hope to see you there!

Oh... and merry christmas to all!!

ja és nadal a dinamarca!

Increïble... aquest divendres comença el nadal amb l'arribada de la cervesa de nadal! Tota la propaganda que m'arriba a casa està plena de tonteries nadalenques, i les botigues ja comencen a adornar els aparadors... són bojos aquests danesos!!!

Prometo fotos de la super festa de nadal d'aquest divendres! Hi haurà gorros de nadal, adornaments per tot arreu.. i cervesa de nadal en abundància.. i gratis!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sunday, 21 October 2007

speaking danish

Dear Friends,

I really need to start speaking Danish now... I am going to class in the official language school, but I need a bit more.

I am looking for some private lessons, where I can talk more than in the school... does anyone know a place where I can do that near the centre of Aarhus, and in the evenings? Please leave a comment if you have any advice, or send me an email :)