Tuesday, 29 January 2008

La colla del tupper

Ja vaig comentar que he tornat a la vida d'estudiar i treballar, tot alhora. Això implica... anar de cul! I a més, menjar fora de casa i en llocs inesperats, com el bus, de vegades.

Avui toca dinar a la universitat... o sigui que toca tupper! Hi ha un bar que no està malament, però prefereixo menjar alguna cosa sana feta a casa, que no em fio d'aquest danesos jejeje Primer dia de tupper: amanida de pasta (boníssima feta amb raviolis, endívies, xampis...) i truita de patata, que va sobrar del dissabte, que vaig tenir convidats. La truita de patates sempre triomfa! Els encanta!

Avui, després d'uns mesos sense tocar el tupper, m'uneixo oficialment a la Plataforma per la dignitat del tupper! (tenen un blog molt recomanable, per cert!)

Monday, 28 January 2008

i'm back :)

no... I'm not back to Barcelona... or I haven't been away from Aarhus to have to come back here... I'm back into studying!
First day of class at Aarhus Universitet done! I'll be studying a Master in Distributed Real-Time Systems some years from now. It would take 2 years, but I will keep working so it will take longer! I made a good deal with my manager to reduce my working hours to 30h/week, and I'll take half of the subjects each semester. Stressed life again! :)
For the ones interested in knowing what's this master about (only danish speakers or readers), you can read about it here. The master is a collaboration between Aarhus Universitetet and the Engineering College of Aarhus. That makes it quite interesting, as it combines university style and more engineering/practical style... I'll learn a lot, I guess!

I'm happy to see some of my colleagues again... and I'm looking forward to meet new ones also!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

the small things

I just came back from my first running session... and it feels awesome! (like dead, but really good feeling!)
Arrive home all sweaty, take off all your clothes, turn on the radio and hear one of your favourite songs, take a look at the tulips you bought yesterday in the market and smile, take a relaxing shower... and feel like a new person! Small pleasures that make life worthy!
Oh... and that today it is a sunny day, not windy and quite warm may help in my good mood! :)

Monday, 14 January 2008

going in the right direction

When I saw the sun rising when I was arriving to work I realised the day is getting longer... weee!!! We are going in the good direction.. spring, the season of light! And the sun was shinning! Perfect start of the week!
But... as it was expected... amazing danish weather is back! Grey, grey and grey! I'll have to get used to it again...