Monday, 29 September 2008

JAOO... day 1

First day at JAOO is over for me. I met the rest of the crew, I talked with some of them, I even discovered there was a spaniard :). First, and big, problem: the crew had to wear a Microsoft t-shirt today... that was hard! Fortunately, we get a new t-shirt, with new sponsors (pheew!) each day.
I had to work this morning in the wardrobe, so I didn't attend many things. I could sneak away to go to the keynote, as the wardrobe was not very busy. Interesting talk about the future of programming languages :) Well, and of course I had time to go around the exhibition and get some of the free stuff ;-) That's what conferences are all about, right?

I didn't stay at the sessions after lunch, though. There wasn't any that had caught my eye, and I had some work to do at home. So there I went! (10 min biking... not bad :) ) There is a JAOO party tonight, but unfortunately I won't be going. I do have a lot of work to do... and there are also social events tomorrow and wednesday, and I prefer to go to those ones.

I'll get back to my duties now... and tomorrow the day is full of exciting talks :) And I promised to go to Sidebar in the evening for a drink... we even get a free cocktail, because it is the official JAOO bar :) And I love it ;-)

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