Wednesday, 26 September 2007

busy... and enjoying it!

It has been one month since last post... quite a busy month! :)

I've had some visits. First my mum and then Ve.
My mum came to spend a weekend with me, see my new nice tiny apartment and do a bit of tourism around Denmark. We rented a car and drove to the northern point of Jylland, Skagen, where the two seas fight against each other! We had fun, good meals, nice talks and... incredibly good weather!!! Check out the pics to get jealous immediately!

Ve came just two days after my mum left... not in the exact same plan... we partied quite a lot! ;) We also had fun, good talks, good drinks and we can't complaint much about the weather... we went to Copenhagen for the weekend and we didn't get wet!

Well, this month hasn't been only about visits... I have great news: I got a permanent contract in Kamstrup, where I have been working the last months! That means I can stay in Denmark as long as I want, not worrying about contracts... I have a good job, a nice flat... now I only need to speak danish ;) And that is coming soon... next tuesday I have my first exam in the language school. That doesn't mean I'll be speaking danish from next week, but it does mean that I'm trying hard, and that I'm improving!

Oh, and I can't forget about these news... I will go all Christmas holidays home!!! I already have the tickets! From the 23rd of December to the 8th of January! I'm looking forward to these family and friends days!

I hope I can come with good news about my exam next week... vi ses snart!

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