Friday, 1 August 2008

scary language experience

What would you feel if there was a woman, scissors in hand, about to cut your hair, and she didn't speak a word of English and just a bit of Danish, which you are not fluent either...? Scared is the word!

Yesterday it was my first time in the hairdresser in Denmark. I was a bit nervous, as I was not sure how to express how I wanted my hair in English. Well, I arrived there and everything started fine. A nice danish girl washed my hair, and she spoke really good English, so my fears went away a bit. And then I waited for the other woman to cut my hair.. the woman with the scissors. When she came to me I noticed that her Danish was not so good, and then I asked if she spoke English... she didn't! In our poor Danish we managed to talk a bit and she told me she was from Poland. Funny, to go to Denmark to have the hair cut by a polish woman :P Everything turned out ok, with a bit ok hands language and some Danish words... And I guess she had a good intuition about my hair also, so I got what I wanted at the end. pheeww...

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  1. Maria!!!

    Com estàs? Quan baixes per Moià? Avisa'm i pujo a veure't!

    Un petonàs, fins aviat!