Monday, 28 January 2008

i'm back :)

no... I'm not back to Barcelona... or I haven't been away from Aarhus to have to come back here... I'm back into studying!
First day of class at Aarhus Universitet done! I'll be studying a Master in Distributed Real-Time Systems some years from now. It would take 2 years, but I will keep working so it will take longer! I made a good deal with my manager to reduce my working hours to 30h/week, and I'll take half of the subjects each semester. Stressed life again! :)
For the ones interested in knowing what's this master about (only danish speakers or readers), you can read about it here. The master is a collaboration between Aarhus Universitetet and the Engineering College of Aarhus. That makes it quite interesting, as it combines university style and more engineering/practical style... I'll learn a lot, I guess!

I'm happy to see some of my colleagues again... and I'm looking forward to meet new ones also!

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